Ordering Information

Micro-Metrics will work with you to provide our devices set up as you desire. Tooke® Gages can be ordered with any complement of three tungsten-carbide cutting tips; the standard complement is 1X, 2X, and 10X tips. A 5X cutting tip is also available. For a lower price you may order a Tooke Gage with just one finished tip and two blank tips; please call or email. (For details about the different cutting tips, please see the PDF document called “Measuring: The Geometry of the Tooke Gage.”)

Payment information

All payments must be made in U.S. dollars.

Micro-Metrics does not accept credit cards (sorry for any inconvenience). We are happy to refer you to our distributors who do accept credit card payments. If you wish to provide credit references, we can set you up on a “Net 30 days” account; please call or email for information.

Also available: you may pay by ACH (direct bank-to-credit union transfer): Navy Federal Credit Union
Routing code: 256074974
M-M account: 7036289648

Or pay by Western Union: Send to “Elenor Snow Georgia USA.” Then email your confirmation code to elenor2011@micro-metrics.com.

International Ordering

The Micro-Metrics Company is happy to fulfill overseas orders. Please email for a quotation. Funds must be cleared by our bank before shipment of equipment.

Payment information:

  • All payments must be denominated in U.S. dollars.
  • Preferred: international wire transfer (“TT”). Please note that, because it is a credit union, Navy Federal Credit Union does not have a SWIFT code. Your bank will be able to complete an electronic transfer using only the routing and account numbers.
         Navy Federal Credit Union
         Routing code: 256074974
         Micro-Metrics checking account: 7036289648
  • International bank check / draft also acceptable, however these take 2–3 weeks to be cleared by our bank.
  • You may pay by Western Union: Send payment to “Elenor Snow Georgia USA.” Then email your confirmation code to elenor2011@micro-metrics.com.

International shipping on Micro-Metrics account will be calculated using the UPS website, and charged on the pro forma invoice. Taxes and customs duties are the responsibility of the customer. Unless otherwise arranged, shipping on the Micro-Metrics account will be Ex Works Cumming Georgia USA (Incoterms 2010). If you prefer to arrange your own shipping, IncoTerms are Ex Works.

If you require or desire a Certificate of Origin stamped by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we regret that it will take 1–2 days longer to ship the order and will cost an additional $35USD. This is because it requires paperwork to be prepared and taken to the Chamber of Commerce offices to be stamped.


Part Numbers

Tooke® Gauges
and accessories

Item IDItem DescriptionDetails/
OG202 (metal-bodied) Tooke Gage and accessories
OG202Tooke Paint Inspection Gage
OG202_specTooke Paint Inspection Gage with special set-up, such as three of one grade of cutting tip or one machined tip and two blank tips
OG202-53OG202 focusing screw (metal)
OG202-63OG202 replacement switch plate screw
OG204 (plastic-bodied) Tooke Gage and accessories
OG204Tooke Paint Inspection Gage
OG204_specTooke Paint Inspection Gage with special set-up, such as three of one grade of cutting tip or one machined tip and two blank tips
OG204-53MOG204 focusing screw (metal)
OG204-53POG204 focusing screw (plastic)
[available until old stock runs out]
OG204-63OG204 replacement switch plate screw
Parts for all Tooke Gages
OG200-1XCarbide cutting tip: 1X
OG200-2XCarbide cutting tip: 2X
OG200-5XCarbide cutting tip: 5X
OG200-10XCarbide cutting tip: 10X
OG200-XXBlank cutting tip (spacer)
OG200-LEDLED bulb (#222)
OG200-57Incandescent bulb (#222)
OG200-casePolypropylene (plastic) carry case
OG200-56Replacement switch plate
Cutting Tip Holders
CTH01Cutting Tip Holder (single-tip)
CTH02Cutting Tip Holder (two-tip)
Microgroover and accessories
MG402-02Cylindrical cutting tip
MG402-09Conical cutting tip
MG402-blockReplacement positioning block
H-501 Pencil Hardness Gauge and accessories
H-501Pencil Hardness Gauge
H-501-10Lead set (14 pieces)
H-501-20Replacement dressing disk
H-501-20RReplacement sandpaper disk kit
H-501-dozLeads (one dozen of one hardness)
S-700 plastic film thickness standards
S-701Thin film standards, non-precision, 1–10 mils
S-702Thick film standards, non-precision, 10–60 mils

Other parts and accessories are available;
please call or email for information.


A selection of services and repairs

Item IDItem Description
RE1103Evaluate, document, calibrate, and certify microscope optics
This service includes replacing the old-style incandescent bulb with a new LED bulb.
RE1112Disassemble and clean old-style microscope
RE1105Labor and part to replace single lead holder in H-501
RE1110Drill out broken (plastic) focusing screw
CofCU.S. Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Origin

Other repairs and services are available; please call or email to find out what we can do for your gauge.

Does your OG204 look like this?:

If your OG204 has a green shell, we are replacing the shell under warranty with a new black plastic shell. (According to our plastics-guy (years ago), the green dye made the plastic brittle, so it sometimes cracks around the tips.)

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Contact Information

Mailing and Shipping Address:

Micro-Metrics Company
4450 Ansley Lane
CUMMING, GA 30040-5252

Telephone Number:

(678) 947–3723

2019 new address:

Elenor2020 @

(100% woman-owned business too.)